He's finally here!!!

My handsome young man that I've waited so long for is FINALLY HERE!!! I'm so in love with him. I was scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday January 31, 2017. I was getting ready for bed talking to my husband around 9:30-10 and all of a sudden I felt and heard a pop! It hurt so badly but I ignored it and went to sleep. Midnight I was awoken to some really bad cramps and having to use the bathroom something fierce. As I got up to go I noticed I couldn't hold it and peed on myself, but not to much. When I made it to the bathroom I was able to finish in the toilet but saw that there was blood in my undies and the toilet. Then came the cramps and OH MY GOD! They weren't horrible at first but as time went on they got more intense and more painful. My daughter was also a scheduled c-section so I didn't go through any labor pains or contractions with her. So I had no idea of what to expect. I tried to hold out until later that morning because my c-section was scheduled for 9:30 that morning. But 3a.m came and I gave in and called my OBGYN. She told me to come in and get checked. So after waking up the mom in law and dropping off our 2 year old daughter we were on our way. I got to the hospital about 4:15a.m, they checked me and I was only 1 cm dilated so they said it wasn't active labor but they were going to keep me since I had to be there later that day. I had to wait until 7:30 a.m when my obgyn came in to check me to see if we needed to do the procedure earlier than scheduled. By then I was 3cm dilated and she told me I still wasn't ready but we were going to keep the same schedule. Man I was in so much pain but they couldn't give me anything for it because it would interfere with the epidural I would get for my c-section. Finally at 9:30 they were ready for me. Went into the O.R and at 10:04 he was born! I'm so happy! My family is FINALLY complete and my daughter is in love with her baby brother! As much pain as I went through I wouldn't have changed anything and would gladly do it all over again.