I have a 17 week old.

Things I'm tired of hearing:

1. You can put the cereal in his bottle.

2. He should sleep on his tummy so he doesn't choke.

3. Give him 8 oz 5 oz isn't enough.

4. Don't put him in the tub 1x a week he will get sick.

5. He needs water. Did you give him water today?

6. You should mix the cereal with custard or applesauce.

7. You have him spoiled no daycare will take him.

8. He's not in pain he's just throwing a tantrum.

9. I bet you wish you stuck to breastfeeding. (I still beat myself up but ppd wasn't what I expected to get)

10. Let him watch tv he doesn't like to sit in quiet.

I could go on & on & on..what are some things you hate hearing but you know they're wrong?