12DPO Signs? 🤞🏼

Tell me your signs! I'm 10DPO and here are my following signs of 9 months ttc.
Ovulation day: mild cramps 
1-2dpo: mild cramps 
3-5dpo: mild and sharp cramps, on and off headaches, feeling sick in the stomach but no vomiting, creamy cm
5-7: mild cramps, feeling sick, mild pain in the bones? 
7-10dpo: mild cramps, still feel sick, mild heartburn and also today I have been so clumsy! I did 2 very embarrassing things 
today in public 😂😂
Af due in 4 days 
took a pregnancy test this mroning. I SWEAR a vvfl showed but then when I returned it was gone? 😳
6pm I had a wave of sickness, literally nearly ran to the toilet to throw up, but it vanished? 
11dpo: nothing! Cramps, headaches all gone! I feel back to normal? 
12dpo stomach growling very loud, mild cramps. Not testing till Sunday 🤞🏼
14dpo: slight cramping, breasts are tender, Almost feels like af is coming. Need to buy pregnancy tests lol