UPDATE: No sex life and Husband went to STRIP CLUB!!!!

My husband and I haven been married for a year and a half, been together for 7 years, both in our 30's. We have been TTC for a year and no luck and mainly I think because we don't have sex often, on average about 2-3 times a month sometimes more and sometime none at all. So we haven't had sex in 6 weeks and I have tried to come on to him several times in the last 6 weeks but he is always either tired, stressed, too full, mad, didn't sleep well, or would rather do something else so each time in the last 6 weeks I've been rejected when I try to initiate sex. On Monday I tried to come onto him and got rejected once again, so I finally blew up on him and he finally said sorry (I think to shut me up) and said we will try again tomorrow (tuesday). Well he didn't try on Tuesday to initiate sex and the week went on, so yesterday (Friday) I tried and we started doing it but I could tell he wasn't into it and  was pretty lazy while we had sex and then in the middle of it he asks if I came which I did and he was like "I'm just tired" so we stopped (he didn't cum). I got annoyed that he wasn't into it and that he wanted to stop and quickly put my clothes back on and we started arguing and I told him he had promised to try on Tuesday but he didn't try all week and it's been 6 weeks since we had sex and I yelled at him that he always rejects me. I asked him are you attracted to me, do u just not want me in that way, etc. Well he got ready and left the house to go meet a friend. Pics are the tests I sent him.
Anyway, he left at 7pm and came home at 3am. I had a bad feeling and checked his pant pockets while he was still sleeping and found several recipes. 2 of the receipts were for a strip club for $68 and another for $55. He paid the bill with a credit card. I checked his wallet and he had no cash left which he had gone to the bank yesterday and I know he had at least $100-$200 in cash. So I assume he spend the money on strippers. I'm in aww to find all this out after constantly being rejected by him. I know he has been to strip clubs before (bachelor parties, bdays for his single friends, etc) which I have no problem with. The fact is he went after he rejected me in bed and after such a long time of no sex. Our sex life is dead. I trust him and know he has not and would not have an affair or something like that. But this is just too much considering the circumstances of when he went after fighting with me. 
I don't know what to do or how to handle this. Is this considered cheating if he had a few lap dances and hung out there for the entire night coming home at 3am without a single word to me? Also the last receipt shows the time of payment was 1:30am but he came home 1.5hrs later and it's just 20 min from our house. I'm wondering could he have done more with any of the strippers or something during that time? 
I'm soo lost and heart broken. I don't know what to do or how to confront him.....
UPDATE: He has never been all that into sex, maybe right in the beginning we had sex more often but for the past 6ish years and especially after marriage our sex lives started dying. He is constantly makes excuses not to be initimate (tired, stressed from work, etc). I'm constantly the one initiating. Him resorting to the strip club is not acceptable especially when we are having these issues. We have had the sit down conversation numerous times and he always lays blame on me, that he isn't happy with our lives. I've made efforts to give him what he needs but he is. It making any effort and just keeps blaming me for ever single thing (i.e. Dishes aren't done one night, I didn't cook dinner (which I usually do - he is not a cook), I didn't wake up early in the morning one day that week (he says he needs me awake every morning before he leaves as he is a morning person but I start work 2 hours after him so I wake up make breakfast and go back to bed for a bit before getting up for work for myself). He picks fights over every little thing but I am trying. Also he wants kids and wants to TTC, it was his idea to start trying but he isn't putting in the effort to have sex often. Also I have PCOS and regular cycles and we were supposed to go to the fertility specialt next week for our first appoint which I think I'm obviously gonna cancel as there is no point when he acts like this.
Thanks to everyone for the kind words and suggestions.
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