Nurse Misbehaviour?


Hi all. My baby has been in the NICU for 2 months now, today I was really upset how the nurse behaved. My baby was hungry and the nurse wasnt present to warm up the milk. So i gave her my pumped fresh milk. Which my baby didnt take so i asked the nurse to come and warm up the milk but she came late and i couldnt see my baby crying so i offered the milk (breastmilk minus the formula) again and she took it. The nurse comes after 15 minutes and starts warming milk and she snatched the bottle from my babys mouth because i didnt wanted to snatch/force out of her mouth. I told the nurse couple times that she doesnt wanna let the bottle go. But she insisted we need to give her formula milk so she came snatched the bottle out without asking or telling. I found it very rude and disrespectful. What do you think??

Btw baby is allowed to have breast milk with or without formula.