My TTC story. Anyone have success with FertileAid???

So here's my a little bit of my families story. I'm 24, hubby is 23. We have been married for almost two years, dating for seven years. We were high school sweethearts.  We met my senior year in high school at a church dance event where we were partnered up. We have been TTC baby #1 for 13 months now. During that time we've done three rounds of Clomid that did not work. My doctor has sent referred us to a fertility specialist. I've never had a regular period and I don't appear to ovulate. I was diagnosed with PCOS right before I started Clomid. We are in the middle of saving to buy a house this spring so the specialist will have to wait. Hubby isn't a worrier or stress head by nature and he keeps saying "it will happen for us and when it's supposed to it will" I know he's being supportive but it kinda hurts that he doesn't ever react frustrated about the situation. His best friend and his wife started trying the same time we did and they are due with their first this month. Having a baby is all I can think about. I've wanted to b a mom with a dozen kids ever since I was little. I never expected this to be so hard. I know there are plenty of people in here and in my own family who have way worse fertility issues then us but this really hurts...  it's really hard for me to see my friends, coworkers and people all over Facebook getting pregnant and it just seems so easy for them. I feel like every time I go out there's always at least one very pregnant woman everywhere I go. I'm still trying to be happy for them but everyday I hurt a little more for myself. I hurt that I can't have the one thing I've wanted all my life. I hurt that I can't make my husband a father when I know how amazing he'll be. It hurts when my first response to someone announcing they are pregnant is negative, self pity and sometimes rude instead of just being happy for them. I never really thought that I'd have this much trouble when I was younger. I don't have many people I can talk to about this since pretty much everyone I know is pregnant... I'm even thinking about acupuncture for fertility. I'll try almost anything at this point. I've been reading posts about using FertileAid and ovaboost so I'm on my first month using it. Here's to hoping that it will work. Anyone have success stories they'd like to share???  Sorry for the long post, just feeling really down today. Thanks for listening.