husband most likely sleeping with another woman

I can't express with words how devastated I am, I had a miscarriage on last November and we started to have a little bit of problems cause I was unestable on that time and he wanted me to have sex and I wasnt for it. So in the beginning of January he started to to text his coworker a lot and then I caughted with deleted messages cause I saw the phone bill, then they went to job conference together in his car which he didnt tell me at the end when I tried to stopped everything and I texted her, he said he would stop and he did a little but there was something fishy there cause he didnt want to cut the entire relashionship so he would go more often to work at the same that hers sp he would spend time with her. Then I foind out I was pregnant which I didnt want but i agreed cause he wanted one so bad, and now that Im 5 weeks pregnant he asked me time for 4 days And I gave him and when  I had to pick up my kids stuff from his house he had the house spotless and a bottle of wine on the fridge. Which he claimmed it was for me and that he forgot I was pregnant and which he bought during our separation! Im so freaking upset I want to cry until I cant no more. Cause Im here by myselft with our 3 year old, pregnant and living with his relatives cause I came from another country and I dont have family here. Please someone give me advice I can't deal with this anymore!