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Shawna • Married the love of my life on 5/14/16, TTC #1. Dog mom and lover of all animals. Ginger. Chiari Warrior! Blessed 💗
Currently standing on my head and my legs up on the bed. It may just be a big myth but nothing else has worked so far so why the heck not? 😂 should start ovulating on Tuesday so I went ahead and used pressed tonight too. We'll be BD'ing EVERY dang day this week and using preseed! I have been taking Cassanovum Plus and Cassanovum boost this month. THIS WILL BE OUR MONTH DANGIT. I WILL GET MY BFP THIS MONTH. I am trying SO hard to remain positive and I got down very hard on myself after I didn't get my BFP last month so I NEED this. I've seen a new pregnancy announcement on Facebook just about every time I've signed on and it's my turn now! It will be a year in May and I really don't want to hit that year mark.. it will crush me! My hubby's birthday is March 10th and I'd LOVE for him to get the gift he's been wanting for so long. (He's 27 and was ready to have a baby over a year ago but we decided to wait til after the wedding)