friends vs boyfriend stressed out help

So me and my boyfriend got into a argument and we went on a break and I told 4 of my closest friend that we were on a break and all of sudden they all had these negative things to say like "I knew u guys wouldn't last" "your better then him" "he was ugly anyways" or "I'm glad you guys over with" and I just couldn't believe what they were suing because they acted so happy when we were together me and my boyfriend talked it out and we decided maybe we should try to be together again and I'm crazy about him I really am I told him just to give me a few days to think about getting back together we've been talking in those couple of days flirting and stuff I've been over stepping friend. Boundaries and I wanna get back together wth him but I'm afraid my friends will turn them backs or call me dumb or say u didn't learn your lesson the first time I just don't know what to do anymore because I love my friends and I love my boyfriend and he said it's okay if u need months instead of days I'll still be here waiting for you what would u do ?