Can I ovulate twice? PLEASE RESPOND

I think ovulating twice is the wrong way to put it, because I know you only ovulate once, but you can release more than one egg. My question is, is it possible to release more than one egg, then one of the eggs get fertilised and the other goes on to be your period and you are still pregnant? So you don't miss a period? I only ask because I spotted a little bit before my period and I had very sharp pains in my left side of my abdomen(I've never ever spotted before my period, so I thought maybe implantation) so I took a test and it showed positive. About 5 days later, the day my actual period was due it started so I'm a bit confused. I will go to the doctor in the next few days, I just need a little real advice. I'm a big emotional as I really thought this month was THE month :(