EWCM/Last day of fertile window according to glow?

Hello all! I was hoping some of you may be able to enlighten me! I went off birth control back in December but my AF's seem to have consistently stayed on a 28 day cycle thankfully. We've been TTC since I went off the pill which was in the first week of Dec. This fertile window hubby and I only BD'd once because he's been not feeling well (went to Dr last Thurs and he has hemmorhoids and possible celiac and/or IBS). Anyways, to get to the point, according to glow and another fertility app my O day should have been yesterday with highest chance of conceiving on Saturday.... But I had no EWCM and I thought there was a chance I wasn't O'ing at all. Now it's Monday (last day of supposed fertile window) and I have plenty of EWCM! Does this likely mean I'm O'ing today or tomorrow or soon? Should I BD today, tomorrow, both, or what?!?! I have no OPK's and have been TTC without the use of them but may start using them next or the following month if no BFP. Any advice is welcome!! Thank you so much! :)