Hilarious Comments

So even though I did a blood test and know the sex of my baby I always think it's quite funny how ppl will make comments to other moms to be stating how it's impossible to know the sex, feel baby etc earlier than 20weeks or so. I had to go in to have my cervix checked to make sure it's still closed and baby's growing as it should because I am considered high risk. Im only 15weeks yet measuring 16w 1day and let me tell you those boy parts were perfectly noticeable. Doctor says boys tend to be a bit bigger in lots of cases and nothing to b concerned about. I just laughed because I thought about a comment made to a lady on here about her not knowing how far along she was because the person just knew it was impossible to see gender parts before 18-20weeks. Lol.... I'm so glad that I educate myself and do my own research to where I am not bothered by other ppls opinions on things. I see so many moms here allow what others post affect them and I truly wish that you wouldn't. I know it's easier said than done for some of us but don't get discouraged so easily. We know our bodies and if you believe it's baby more than likely it is. Be happy. Enjoy your pregnancy. If u still have doubts ask your ob for reassurance, but don't ever get down and depressed about what is said on here or anyplace else for that matter. Let's support one another in a positive way... we're already going through ups n downs as it is with the changes our bodies go through with pregnancy. Just venting is all... was on my mind. Praying for healthy babies for us all... 👏🏾