I'm so freaking scared. I'm middle eastern

So I went ahead and was so scared.first of all, were Muslim and from egypt. Middle eastern. I asked my Mom if I could wear them. She started screaming at me telling me to never ever wear them because only married woman wear them. She told me the piece of skin will tear And the man will know you are not a virgin and he will not want to marry you/ he will divorce you and she told me no man will want to marry me and this will cause huge problems for me in the future. I kept arguing to her and telling her no and she then asked my 20 year old sister. My sister took my side and she said it's okay and you only
Lose your virginity to a man when you have sex. The only problem my mom has is she thinks my hymen will break and when I have sex with my husband he will not see that I bleed and he will think I'm not a virgin. She said he will look for blood when U have sex that indicates ur hymen broke. My sister completely thought the same thing I thought; thisnwas the stupidest shit ever. My sister said it was okay tho and she knows more then my mother because she's been to school and got educated and knows. But my mom doesn't think that.  So last year during school I got my period and didn't have anything to wear so my friend gave me a tampon. I used it and it hurt like hell but I obviously didn't put it right at all and didn't put it all the way in. So I'm so scared I only did that once. So last week My other middle eastern friend told me Islam (middle eastern) husband and wife or engaged do a self check for stds and if everything is good down there and she told me that the husband will ask the doctor to check to see if I'm still a virgin (hymen still intact.) I'm really scared. Is this all true?