I'm so annoyed

I just announced that I'm pregnant to my friends and family and I got so much positivity from everyone, besides my cousin. 
She's older than I am and I've done everything before her. I was the youngest in the family to get married and I will now be the youngest in the family to have a baby. 
She just got married a few months ago and her relationship is going south while mine is rock solid. I honestly think she's jealous. 
When I told her I was pregnant her response wasn't cheerful at all. She said, "I though I was going to be the first in the family to be pregnant 🙄" like bitch, you don't even have a solid relationship. Can't you be happy for me? 
She's the only person who had anything negative to say too. I just can't believe my own cousin would be so cold. 
Edit: she wasn't and isn't ttc, she doesn't even live in the same state as her husband right now.