FINALLY! Wanted to share my excitement!

ashley • Ashley. 25. Mommy to be. 🤰🏼Engaged to my best friend. 💕 Witch & crystal healing. Gemini at heart. Texas baby. 🤟🏼
After waiting such a long time to get employed, I finally have a job opportunity! I went to follow up with the manager at the hotel I applied at. She said there was many people who needed interviewed. I kind of got discouraged, until I got a call 10 minutes later saying she wanted me to come in at 10am tomorrow for an interview. I'M SO EXCITED! Last year was just a miserable year full of loss and negativity. This one is so far so good! And whoever is striving for something, never give up. You'll achieve your goals sooner or later!! Best of luck to all of you. 😇🙌🏼