Valentine's Day! rant

I know this sounds completely selfish and rude. But I'm having a rant. 
I always buy my boyfriend expensive nice gifts, write him cute and thoughtful things etc. 
All I wanted for Valentine's Day was at least a thoughtful card or something. That proved to me that I actually had enough worth in his life to buy a little gift for. My birthday is coming up and I know I'll get nothing for that also. :/ it sounds selfish but I just want an act to prove he gives a crap. He's always saying about how much money he has... But he can't spare any for me, I even have to buy 99% of our dinner, lunch and deserts and I work rarely. He then has the audacity to say he 'always' buys me everything when I ask him to say please or thankyou (common manners) which is definitely not true.  I am a romantic person and he can't even manage to plan anything ever. :( not even once a year.. I'm just so over it that I started crying when he left. I put so much into him and get nothing in return. :(  I should just stop buying anything for him... He never appreciates it. Even says "it's your mums money anyways" even though I have to work fucking hard for the money I have. 😔 why am I not worth the easy things? :(