My daughter has slapped cheek

Ellie • hello.

My 4 year old is very poorly with slapped cheek disease, I myself do not feel the best right now I'm exhausted. I was so poorly yesterday still and then my LO started last night thought she had meningitis so got her seen to she has slapped cheek disease so I phoned my manager he's turned around and said can you be around the people you support and I said wasn't sure he said well I suggest you phone your doctor's back up and ask them and then let me know so doctors said I'd be fine anyway phoned him back and said doctors said I'd be fine and he just went good see you tomorrow :/ not oh okay have the rest of the week off to take care of LO just see you tomorrow.

Can he just force me to come in and expect me to not take care of her. I'm so close to quitting