Birth Story! 3 months later..

A 💕
I had a pretty easy birth I would say, even though my labour was 36 hours long. Started Saturday morning (5th November) where my waters broke but I was having no contractions, so obviously the hospital sent me home to wait it out at home. Throughout the day I was having really inconsistent contractions, which were not very painful, i just carried on my day. By night, they were slightly more painful i had to breathe through them, but they were still 10-12 mins apart so the hospital wouldnt take me in yet. If they hadnt picked up within 24 hours of my waters breaking they would need to induce me. I didnt sleep that night at all really. Sunday morning I went in to be induced.
They monitored me and said then told me my waters had only broke at the back, so they had to break the front before anything. No lie, i never expected that much water to come out, I was shocked and was so drenched like I had just got out the shower. Was horrible. They then said they will give me 2 more hours to see if things pick up on their own. And they did, my contractions stayed at about 2-3 mins apart after that. I walked round and round the hospital with my boyfriend to help baby drop but all I wanted to do was lay down. They said if I layed down things wouldnt get going properly and they would have to induce me. 
I then was in enough pain it was making me feel sick, so they gave me some paracetemol and I had a bath. After that they said they would set me up to induce because I was only 4cm and was not progressing quick enough. They put in the IV and gave me some gas and air. 10 mins after, I was screaming I need to push and they told me no your not ready, but I pushed anyway. Then the nurse checked me and I was 10 cm! So I pushed for 30 mins and had one tear. They took away my gas and air while I pushed as it was slowing me down. So I felt everything and it was more frustrating than painful, because I was giving all my strength and felt like I was getting nowhere. But then my little angel was born at 6:37pm weighing exactly 7lbs at 39+1 weeks 💖 I love her more than life! 
She is now 3 months old and can nearly sit up on her own for a few seconds, feeds herself sometimes, she sleeps through the night, laughs at the TV & daddy and now her colic is gone, she is the happiest baby ever 💖💖