birth of Osiris Clawson born at 28 weeks

Esther • Due may 1st/FTM/ My sweet baby boy Osiris 💙Married to my true love 💕
On February 11th 4 hours into my honeymoon I started getting contractions, we rushed to the hospital arriving at 3am. The doctors immediately checked my cervix and they told me I was dilated at 4cm. I felt panicked this was my first pregnancy and I was only 28 weeks I was so scared for my son. They started pumping me with magnesium, giving me steroid shots and medicine to stop my contractions. Around 1pm my contractions finally stopped I was taking out of labor and dilvery and put up on the second floor. February 12th I had no signs of labor no contracting or anything my cervix was still at 4cm I thought I would get released and my baby could develop longer in me. Then by 3am on February 13th I started contracting again, I called in my nurse was taking down to labor and delivery. I started getting pumped with magnesium again and they placed my epidural. My contractions started to slow down and speed up then slow down again for the rest of the day until 5pm. The doctor decided to check me again turned out I was fully dilated they rushed me to a room that was closer to the NICU for my son to be passed on after he was born. It took me 7 pushes 2 contractions and 15 minutes to get him out I'm thankful I didn't have any tears. Osiris Elwood Clawson was born at 5:18 weighed 3 pounds 1 ounce was 16 inches and has a full head of hair. He is still in the NICU since he was born 11 weeks premature praying he will be released soon but most likely he will stay in the NICU until his due date. Mommy and daddy love you so much Osiris keep pushing. ❤️