she's finally here!!!

Went in for my regular weeekly check up and was offered a stretch and sweep by my doctor. I said hey what not I have nothing to lose!! Well didn't feel much pain at first just discomfort. Went home after walking for a little and took a nap. After my nap woke up feeling contractions that were not the real deal. I told myself you will ride these out because they will eventually wear off given that membrane sweep don't seem to be very successful, yea ok after two hot baths cleaning my entire apartment, I couldn't hold the pain anymore!!! I got dressed and headed to the hospital at around 1:30 When I got there I was 3 cent dialated and they were trying to make me walk 😩 for two hours until they realized my contractions were coming really strong and really close together. They got me a room and after begging like a drug feen for some epidural for just about 2 hours and yelling at everyone that came near me I felt this huge pressure down there I went ahead and opened my legs really wide bevause I knew what was happening, it was my daughters head 😩 everyone rushed to my room after I yelled for a nurse as if I had no sense 😂😩 and after just one push my
Princess came to this world and I am sooo in love 😍