Worst pain of my life! HELP


Hi everyone

I need to know if anyone else is going though what im going though.

My right side where my kidney is, is hurting me like a sharp stabbing pain.

I went to the hospital because im 5 months pregnant, they told me nothing was wrong sent me home.

I know somethings wrong because of the pain , i vommited twice this morning because the pain was so intense and ive missed 3 days of work so far because when i stand for to long the pain gets so bad i get on all fours to try relieve the pain. Debuting on if i should go to the hospital which would just drive me nuts because i feel like they cant find out whats going on with me.

Im also very small/ petite

Im 5'2 & currently my weight 123

This is my first baby, and i dont know what to do anymore besides cry and craddle myself.

Please lmk if anyone else has experienced this? And if so how do you make it stop or relieve the pain?