overly emotional mom?

So I had decided to try out the CIO method with my LO tonight.. he's 6 months in a few days.. doesn't sleep through the night.. he has some good nights where he'll sleep maybe 3 or 4 hours at most straight and then wake up go eat and then back down for another 2-3 hours then up after that and will only take 30min or less to an hour nap.. until maybe 11 pm or so he'll go down for the night and sleep for the 3-4 hours.. so after reading about it I had decided to try out the CIO.. well I gave him his bottle.. he finished it and became drowsy.. I had already changed his diaper so.. I put him in his pack in play.. (in our bedroom) and I went to sit on my bed.. I was concerned and wanted to make sure he's ok.. I know I know I'm supposed to leave.. I just didn't feel comfortable.. so I sat on my bed and watched him to see what he did.. he couldn't see me but I could see him.. he didn't cry and just kept trying to get up for like 10 minutes.. seeing him struggle trying to get up made me so sad I started to cry... I just felt bad for him! Even though he wasn't crying.. he kept trying to reach up and to the sides to pull himself up.. after a while he started crying and I couldn't do it so I went and picked him up.. now I'm sitting here rocking him and typing this and he's asleep.. I tried putting him in there when he's already asleep and that didn't work either.. he wakes up a minute or 2 later.. he usually bed shares with me.. am I being too sensitive? Is it too soon? Should I try again?