Baby picture outfits

Jessi • Amazing daughter born March 2017 and a baby boy born July 2020

So I'm super glad I contacted an old co-worker and asked if she could knit a dress off of Pinterest for me. She went above and beyond what I could have imagined!! I'm so glad because I and a few other people have convinced her to start selling on Etsy. A friend who already had her daughter weeks ago spent almost $200 on a lace wrap, a head band and a dress for her older daughter. $200 holy shit, I couldn't imagine that much and then pay for pictures! I told my friend who knotted my stuff how much she paid and sent her the pictures of them items and she said some places are all about money, not the way things should be.

So I am obsessed with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, always have been since I was 5 and never wanted to take off my costume from Halloween. I got married as Belle, have a Belle tattoo, and lots of Belle stuff in my spare room. So I wanted my daughter to have her first Belle dress for the infant pictures. Also we love Monsters Inc and are making that for her room and my friend knew this. So she made me both Belle dress and a sack and hat that look like Sully. Absolutely blown away!!! I can't wait for her to open her shop to brag to everyone about how amazing her stuff is!!

Pictures for funness!! The dress and sack with hat, nursery so far, me at 5 as Belle, then my wedding dress as Belle!