staying for the children

Ever since our daughter was born, close to a year ago, the relationship between me and my partner has become increasingly rocky. We don't fight a lot, nor do we scream at each other but I've become so disappointed by his behaviour, his inability to communicate and the lack of actual emotional support from him that I find myself frequently thinking to myself: if it weren't for our daughter, I would be gone by now. 
He isn't abusive. He provides for us. He is a good person. Despite all that I feel like none of my needs are being met on a personal level and I am having to compromise who I am and what I want in a relationship to a point which I don't know anymore if it is acceptable or not. 
We have been together for nearly a decade and we have always had our ups and downs but the downs are so much more depressing these days and the ups hardly last. 
I can't just leave. I'm financially dependent on him and would have to put my child into full time daycare and wean her way before I am planning to if I leave him which would force me back to work. This sounds cold and calculated but at this point I'm just trying to hang in there until she is old enough to go to school so that I can find my independence again before leaving him. 
Idk. I'm just venting I guess. I'm just so sick of feeling misunderstood and tired of being let down by him over and over again. I really try to make this work. Maybe things will improve over time. We could both be happier people.