Due May 27th & possible early labor!

Shelby • Married 7 years, had our first boy after trying for 2 years with Male Factor Infertility. Pregnant with #2, due November 2019!
Yesterday I was having cramping and mid-low back pain going down into my legs (almost how my period feels) since 5 am and called my OB later that morning so they told me to come in and do a clean catch and get checked. They found lots of blood in my urine, cervix is softer than he wanted, looked at it and said it looked better than it felt, I am dilated about a fingertip, and sent off the urine for a culture. He didn't think I was leaking any amniotic fluid but they did do a fetal fibronectin test. The dr is out of town next week so he wants me to come in when he gets back in town to check me again. He said working is still okay but to rest as much as possible outside of work and drink lots of water. He talked about if I had any worsening symptoms go straight to the hospital and said if we're talking short term goals, stay pregnant for another 2-4 weeks! And I said "ha how about 3 months?" And he said "well yeah but let's meet the short term goal first" and laughed a little. Not sure what to think!