8 minute labour

Just thought id share with you all my story! 
3rd baby was due 7/2/17, midwives & the hospital considered an induction due to circumstances (thats a whole nother story!) on 2/2/17 @ 9.30. 
4am on the 2/2/17 i woke up in need of using the toilet - sorry tmi - after peeing & pooing i felt better an thought id retreat to bed.... BAM contraction.... took me by   surprise i didnt react/know what to do.... BAM second contraction... ok time to call my mum take me to the hospital an i need arrange childcare for my other two who were fast asleep in bed. Phonecall made mums on her way be 15/20 minutes. Phoned father in law for childcare BAM third contraction & waters break whilst on the phone.... fil is on way, 20 minutesish..... BAM next contraction, immense pressure body's telling me to push ..... "push?! Im not at hospital yet!! I cant have my baby alone in my living room!!!" Started calling for an ambulance, by the time they'd connected the call & answered my sons head was out & im screaming for someone to help me, get me an ambulance NOW!!! BAM next contraction.... push.... an my son was born, delivered by me @ home ! Still on phone to the ambulance telling them to hurry up! Mother then walks in to find me cradling my son that she'd missed the birth of!
Was an absolutely crazy scary experience. Not something i think id like to do again!