BF question. new mommy here.

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The breast feeding topic isn't as active so....
I left the hospital yesterday and had been kinda  expressing to keep a supply but mostly formula feeding because I wasn't sure if I liked breast feeding. My LO has a tongue tie that didn't help much but it's getting clipped tomorrow. I woke up this morning (day 5) and holy sore boobs. So I decided to pump. It looks like I'm going to get half a ounce on each side. My questions are is that okay for the first time pumping and first day of supply? And LO has been eating about 40 ml of formula. Is one ounce of  breast milk going to be enough? And I think I'm sticking to bottles until we clip her tongue. Should I just pump every few hours to give it to her? She has matching problems that's why I'm not giving her the boob. But this is my first time with milk so I might try later to see if things are different.