I've had ENOUGH!

My mom is watching my son today so my husband and I can pack 
Well he said he doesn't feel like it!!
He will do it later!
I can't do it all by myself he yelled all day yesterday when I asked for help and now he is asleep!
Today is the LAST day we have to pack and he works tomorrow so I have to load it all by myself tomorrow!!! And I have a doctors appointment and I have to go get the electric water and sewer turned on
I have begged and begged and didn't make him rush to it the moment she left I spent time with him and gave him all my attention because he said he doesn't ever get to see me
Well this is what I get now he won't help me
I am washing all the laundry to clean it before we move and I'm having to pack and clean the place as I'm packing with no where to put anything but on the floor!!! Because he is on the bed