50 shades in the back of a Dodge 😍

So, my bf got a new truck, and we took it out in the middle of nowhere and put it in park and just went to town. πŸ˜‚ he started making out with me, kissing up on me and touching me, ohmygawd it was so good (it's been 3-4 weeks since we last actually did any of these fun activities), you know life gets in the way LOL.. so anyway, he takes his flannel off and pulls me into the back and he literally got my pants off quicker than I can, he threw me over the middle console and starts eating me out while I'm bent over, threw a finger or two in there and ommmmg I couldn't last while staying there like that. So I turned and undid his pants and he bent me back over and just YES, he starts fucking me and it's never felt so good before. After awhile I crawled back and later down on the back seat and we went missionary... my favvvv, just was so good and then he started going harder and harder ... I just told him how I went and saw 50 Shades, and I MIGHTVE teased him for a week about it.. hahaha, so anyway he starts fucking me so fast and hard, it was seriously the best ever. I always would BEG for him to give it to me that way but he never really got the job done before. He was a whole new man and omg I am so glad, I ACTUALLY finished, and that is one rare occasion! πŸ™„ ugh,.... memories 😊