Anyone else have this problem?

Cassandra • 25 | Wife | TTC #1 since Aug. 2016
I'm on Cd2 of my 6th cycle since dropping the pill (after 7 years on it) and TTC. I'm 22 and married to my best friend. My first 4 cycles were normal, cramps but not real bad. Then last cycle and my current cycle have been giving me severe cramps. I think my body finally got regulated and settled on 29 day cycles. What I'm curious is, why are the cramps now becoming so severe?! Seems like after my first pee in the morning it just starts, only on Cd2. Anyone else get painful cramps like that? Almost feeling like razor blades. It gets to the point I'm hunched over. I was just at the doctor and she said everything looked fine, they won't do any testing until after a year of actively trying. I'm just curious if anyone else experienced severe cramps after a few cycles off the pill? How do you control them?