Found a condom in fiancés work bag

So I needed my fiancé to mail something out for me this morning and I totally had a "brain-fart" because I forgot what I did with the envelope. I don't know if I placed it in a drawer or his bag or the night stand. So I checked his bag thinking that I already put the letter in his bag and I found a condom. One that was way too small for him. Yesterday, I packed his bag for work and that condom was not there. He called me around the time he was suppose to leave and said he was going to be a little late. So what did he do yesterday? This is the second time I've found a condom. The first time I found one was when we bought a car and he said he found it in the back seat and just placed it in his wallet and forgot to tell me that entire week. I'm torn to pieces. When I confronted him about it this morning, he accused me of planting the condom in his bag which is the same thing he said to me when I found to pretty disturbing things on his phone last year, that I was the culprit. Love is blinding and so I can't think clearly at the moment and wanted some advice. To top it off, as to not hit him, I went downstairs and punched a wall. I'm pretty sure I fractured something. Well that and I might be pregnant (ovulated late, and over a week late). This is all too overwhelming and I fell corner by my emotions. Someone talk to me. What's my next move?