If my parents don't like my boyfriend is it a deal breaker?

So to make a long story short my boyfriend and I are both 18, we starting dating when we were 15. We've been long distance this whole time (2 hours) but the distance will end next year. Anyway, my parents have had enough chances to meet him and they're not fond of him. They always say it's okay, but my mom always "jokingly" says hints about me needing to get rid of him and find someone else and it actually really hurts me because they don't see the person I see in him. We're not exactly similar, we dress differently, we perform a little differently academically, but that's why we work. I know that he loves me with his whole heart, he's sent me flowers on my worst days, pays hundreds of dollars for train tickets to see me, and drives hours to come visit. I think he knows that they don't like him, so he's not really himself around them and my parents therefore think he's bland/boring. All my friends like him a lot so I don't see why my parents are so harsh. I know they want me with some really prep Ivy League kid but that's not what I want. Could the fact that my parents don't like him break our relationship eventually? :(