my first period story (embarrassing)

The very first time I got my period it was SO heavy!! I was going for a swim with all my friends 8 guys 4 girls then there's me (obviously a girl😂) but I put my bathing suit on and everything then I jump in the pool everything was fine until I decided to sit down on the steps leading into the pool.. I was sitting there talking to this boy I like at the time and all of a sudden blood was just all over the steps and stuff... I got blood on his swim trunks, I swear to you I have never been more embarrassed, it dropped down the ladder and got in the pool and he goes "did you cut yourself?" I go nope, he goes ohh ok so you started your period? I just started crying and everyone was looking and he hugged me eventually he rode his bike to CVS and got me pads.. later on when everything chilled I asked him why he was so chill about it (we were 13) he said because he lives with all girls and no boys AT ALL and that it's a natural thing and he didn't want to embarrass me.. now I'm 18 but him and I are still close