Vitex Success?

Has anyone here taken the supplement Vitex to aid in successful fertility & conception? When my son reached 15 months of age, my cycle FINALLY returned.  Normal time of six days, and regular flow (thank goodness).  However, it took 46 days for my next cycle to arrive 😳...but then 39 for the next (looks like my body is regulating itself back to its typical 29-32 days).
I've had three periods and have been taking Vitex for the last month now after reading that it helps to regulate your period and increases your chances of not only becoming pregnant, but faster than not taking it, and works well to prevent miscarriage.  I want to know if there's any ladies with experience of this herb and can shine some light on it?  How long did it take to work for you?  I'm going to be 33 years old in October and want to have one final kiddo before I reach 35.
Everyone around me is announcing pregnancy after pregnancy and it's driving me crazy! 😫.