in law drama

I'm a FTM and I recently gave birth to our daughter last week Thursday. Prior to labour, I discussed visitors with my SO. I did a lot of research and found that it was not uncommon to limit visitors during the first couple of weeks. I wanted time for our little family to bound and for me to heal. I suffer from very bad anxiety and I am really worried about developing PPD and thought the quiet time would be a nice transition for when my hubby goes back to work. Well, I thought him and I were on the same page but his mother Is not. We ended up staying two extra days in the hospital as my daughter was having trouble latching and had lost weight. During that time, I was to try and feed her every 3 hours but it's hard with constant visitors. His parents did come to see her and while I was in the washroom, his mother tries to take her out of the room for a walk. The nurse stops her, thankfully and she in turn gets mad. She then brings her back in and starts ripping tags off all her new toys and playing with them. She put a headband on her that I was saving for her newborn pics and takes photos with her phone. I had enough so I paged the nurse asking her to assist me with feeding time. I then ask his parents to leave. Since getting home, his mother will not stop Messaging my SO. She says a grandmother should have to beg to see her granddaughter but I'm trying to establish a feeding routine. My milk still isn't fully in and I'm pumping and formula supplementing and it's a lot of work. I eat about 2 hours between feeds to eat, shower or rest. This has caused a major strain on my relationship as Hubby is slowly starting to side with her. I explained it's not forever but until we are settled and I feel a little better. She continues with the msgs and I eventually agreed to let her come for a bit tmrw, just to get her off
My back. My own parents have been giving us space but she will not let up. His sister is even joining in too. Ladies, am I in the wrong? I had a 15 hour labor with 2 hours of pushing -- all natural. I'm sore as hell and tired. Do you think I should address this wit her on Thursday or just stick to my guns. 
Sincerely, needing a glass of wine ☺️