1st time mom

Amanda •
This is my first baby and I'm just feeling sort of down right now. I'm almost 18 years old and this was not planned at all. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years now and love each other so much. We weren't expecting this to happen this soon we would of liked this to happen at least 3 years from now. But dispite that this is a real thing now and we just have to except it so after all the shock we've became pretty excited about all this. No one knows yet including my parents... yes I know bad choice of not telling them considering I'm 10 weeks now but planning on telling my mom this weekend. I've just been feeling so uncomfortable... not sure if I'm just bloated or if it's the real bump. I just feel so huge 😭 I'm having very bad self esteem issues right now because of it. Also feeling very sick and dizzy all the time. Worst part about it is not having anybody to talk to besides my boyfriend. And itncan get pretty hard since he doesn't understand how terrible nausea is when you have it every second of the day 😒😒 sorry for the long story I'm just lonely and needed to get some things out 😌