Am I mean or not?

Okay so here's a story buckle up Girls! I started dating this guy for like a month. He just moved in with his friend who moved out and left the lease to Michael which is my ex boyfriend. I moved in with Michael to help him pay the bills for a while. Cause I liked him! He worked a job that didn't make much I didn't care cause I like him! Fast forward 6 months, we break up her back together.... we did this for about two months! Finally we got to the conclusion we weren't mean to be! when I meat a girl on Facebook! We started dating and I had her spend the night with me. Me and her never did anything in my bed cause I slept in the same bed me and mike made love in! So I figure that's respect! So I was confused on a lot of stuff anyways I was going back and forth with the both of them for a month! I ended up just being friends with her! Now I love Michael and I always will have a special place in my heart for him. So Michael just recently lost his job for something really huge for a felony on 2 counts.... It doesn't matter what it is exactly but yea so I took care of him for months and held down the bills while we weren't together and he lost his license not long after for getting my car impounded he doesn't have a car anymore he lost everything when he lost his job! I am the only person he has nobody else has his back not even his own parents! My family took him in and accepted him for his faults! So this past Thursday! I came home to him having sex with a girl on MY BED!!! That we slept in the night before and cuddled! He also cheated on me with her talking to her idk if they ever did anything he promised me they didn't and he blocked her so yes he unblocked her recently and invited her over to OUR APARTMENT that I AND I ONLY PAY BILLS! And I just took him to a job interview at my job the same day! And he got a call back on a job cause he hasn't been working so he just got hired!  Now he did take care of bills for at least 3 months while I was down and when I lost my license he was there for me but he would bitch about it! ALOT!!! Which let me remind you I took care of him for months before and after this! So I moved out took all my stuff my tv and he has nothing so am I wrong for leaving him? I feel guilty but free and less stressed out? I was so depressed and I told him that I feel like he never cared! I feel like he was using me? So  am I wrong? Also I'm taking my name off the lease and leaving him there! Help? Advice ?