Hey guys! 
So I'm feeling very conflicted, my best friend has a very forthright attitude and basically just says whatever she wants. I used to find this refreshing, but lately it's been really hurtful. She constantly degrades me in front of other people, tells me I'm wrong all the time ( even though I'm not) and then gives me really rude looks like I am wasting her time( and she acts like this is what friends are supposed to do, but I honestly don't think it's okay for "friends" to act so hurtful all the time, like it's okay if it's in a joking manner but it doesn't seem like that's the way it is). I know she's going through a lot lately and got kicked out of her house, so I want to be there to support her, but it's honestly causing me a lot of anxiety. She's also spread a lot of personal information about me and my Ex that I confided in her about. So I don't know what to do, it's my last semester of high school and so should I stop being friends with her which will cause major drama, or just push through because I'm moving next year anyways?