Migraines- let's get this straight!


If you have migraines AT ALL that occur more than once, so not a random fluke you NEED to talk to a doctor about your birth control method because you SHOULD NOT be using estrogen methods this can cause a STROKE!

Progesterone only methods include the mini pill, shot, arm implant and iuds.

I keep seeing people post about migraines. I am a migraine sufferer, for 10 years and have been to a lot of doctors. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE discuss your health with your doctor! Also if you have high blood pressure, a family history/personal history of blood clots or a blood disorder they need to know because birth control puts you at a higher risk of creating more problems.

AND all birth control pills are HORMONAL! I have seen more than 1 post today with people saying they are going on the "non hormonal birth control pill". That would be nothing!