Need to vent 😠😒


After 4 years ive finally split from my emotional abusive partner last week (proud of myself) yet we have a 17month old lil girl whom is stuck in the middle of it all now.

He's dictating to me what he wants regarding custody, he works week on week off so wants her the whole 7days hes off. Im in the UK and don't know anyone that had split joint custody. I've said 3nights and 4days but this still isn't good enough for him.

His mother is now telling me she won't look after her granddaughter when I want her to like she has done for nearly a year (whilst I'm at work earning money) which means il have to cut my hours and bring less money home for her! She only had her 3 times a month. I know it's her son but I can't believe she's turned like this against her grandaughter!

Himself and his family are all turning nasty against me! All I want is what's best for my Lil lady and being in a relationship with a man that dictates, manipulates, swear at me, scares me, makes me cry continuously isn't want I want for her! She's at a young age to not realise what's going on which is why I've opted out now!

Thanks for any advice/opinions xx