I can't stand my mother at moment!

Hi I'm currently 17weeks +3 and am having hell with my mum! I was adopted so she doesn't get hormones etc! Had to give up anti-depressants cold turkey and obviously quit smoking! She's against depression meds as says should pull myself together! Im 40 with second child my sons 9! And I'm getting married on 15april 😱 my pregnancy was a huge shock good one but still a shock thought it was the change! I went for scan expecting to be 6/8weeks and was 14! 
I'm sorry for the rant but I just cannot bear being near her it's all about the bloody wedding which she seems to think is hers!?! 😡😭 she's sooo nasty and the bitchy comments she makes I've had enough of I've got no car so I can't take my son to all the clubs anymore so relying on my fiancés mum at min! She's lovely opposite of my mum😔 sorry needed to rant 🤐😤