Would love some fellow October mommies to follow!

Cheyenne • Married 10/2/15 to the love of my life 💍, Lost baby #1 on 3/2/17 at 6 weeks, now expecting our rainbow baby 🌈👶🏻 6/8/18
It's still early, but according to this app I'm due October 26th with my first, I'll have confirmation of course after my first OB visit on March 21st.  I would love some fellow mommies to follow during this journey that are around the same due date! I think it would be awesome to have each other to discuss what we're experiencing and our excitement together! 
On 3/2/17 I ended up losing my precious baby at 6 weeks, I am extremely devastated by the loss, but still so happy for all you expectant mamas! I'll be hoping and praying that all of you ladies have healthy pregnancies for both baby and mama and look forward to watching y'all grow while TTC again. Hopefully I'll get my rainbow baby one day and can join you happy ladies! Congrats again!