is "im in love" sex a real thing?

So.  Back story. I've been dating this guy for about 2 months.  He's amazing. Spoils me.   He's never been around kids much.  But he has accepted my daughter and spoils her too. They do so well together.   We talked a few months before we actually went on our first date. 
Over the weekend. I went with him and his family on a mini vacation. We had fun.  I clicked with his family which was great.  We used the "L" word for the first time.  We didn't have sex all weekend.  Just enjoyed each others company.   He came over last night and we did have sex.   A lot.  But. The question I guess is ....   is there a such thing as a different kind of sex.  Like the first time you realize your in love with a person sex?   Or I'm I getting too deep in the feels. Lol.  I just need to vent a little.   I've had such shitty luck w guys.   He's seriously so perfect for us.  And I am falling in love with him.