am I in the wrong

I need some advice? 
I'm new to this app... so bare with me.
I've got two kids one that's 5 and one that's one and half... I was on the pill that fount out I was 10 weeks pregnant. 
My partner is forcing to me have a abortion and I can't see my self doing that has I've got two kids and I know how it feels to grow a baby...
I'm so stressed out has his pressuring so badly.. I'm a bad person and evil if I have this baby and he doesn't know if he can support me and the kids has I've apparently disrespected him because I made my self pregnant and trapped him... their is only so much a person can take. 
I keep being sick I keep crying I'm so stressed out I keep
Crying and trying to act okay when I'm not I need advice ? Am I in the wrong should I abort my child 😰😰😰😰.