empty gestational sac at 5 weeks going on 6 weeks

Two weeks ago I peed on the stick and had double lines! Super excited! Today according to my app I should 5 weeks and 7 days. In the previous months I have had 2 chemical pregnancies.  My HCG levels have been rising, which is great, but from my past with pregnancy the doctor had me do an ultra sound over the stomach and transvaginal right away. All I had was a small empty gestational sac. The doctor told me my HGC levels were at 7400 so I thought that was good, but she said with the sac is very small, so meaning 1 of 2 things. Either I'm earlier than we thought OR I have an abnormal pregnancy and will lead to a miscarriage. Of course I am sad and think of the absolute worst and have another ultra sound next week and a follow up appointment with her after. Just wonder has anyone had this?  Feeling pretty down about it all I could do was cry immediate after my call. She also mentioned I had a 1cm fibroid tumor and 2 cyst on an ovary. Any one have this and what was there outcome?