she choose a baby name sooo close to my chosen baby name

Ok so I had this friend we were really close and told each other everything. we'll I got pregnant and I was really excited I picked out names and my girl name was Kylie rayne well I ended up losing my baby it broke my heart I was so ready to become a mom. Now a few years have gone by my husband and I have been TTC I haven't really been as close to this girl because after I got married we just sort of grew apart. so I see her and it was like old times. We were again discussing babies and I told her that I still really liked the name Kylie and planned on using it when we got pregnant as I decided to name the baby I lost rayne. So my husband decided he like the middle name Rae and we both loved the name Kylie Rae well guess who gets pregnant before me, my once was best friend she of course has a daughter and decided to name her KYLER Rae because she knows I like Kylie and she didn't want to use it. now I'm just so aggravated I feel like I can't use that name and to make matters worse I got pregnant again and miscarried and all the time she is bitching an moaning about how horrible being pregnant was. I just want to shake her. Is it weird if I still use that name I feel like it's not as special anymore and though I love the name I've held on to this name for years but now I just don't even know if I want to use it what do y'all think any advice