am I being petty?

So, my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months, and he's been asking for a topless pic.  It's long distance, it's kind of the only thing we have sexually.  He's a little older than me, has way more sexual experience than I do.  Anyways I sent him a pic of me in a bra, and he opened it (we were on the phone) and he made a big deal about how good it looked, but later said that it wasn't what he wanted, but he still liked it.  It made me feel crappy (I didn't show it) because it took a lot for me to feel comfortable with doing it.  So, should I feel upset?  I'm battling with myself, I need someone to talk me through it, is it okay to feel this way?  Should I be happy that he liked it, but said that it wasn't what he wanted?  Ugh, anxiety sucks