❄️ Encouraging article about the ups & downs of having a Winter Baby

Ashley • 💙 Lee 1.18.17 • Dennis 11.6.19 💙 B o y M o m


I remember when I found out we were expecting in January, I dreamed of bunkering down together in our home for the cold, snowy New England winter. My son, Lee, is now 5 weeks and I must admit I'm having a bit of cabin fever. I've been very selective and cautious with visitors because of the fear of flu season, I haven't taken him on any outdoor walks or taken him out anywhere other than the doctor's office. Just this week, the roads were acceptable condition to go for car rides.

Just as I was starting to feel down about it, I came across this article which talks about the benefits of winter babies! For anyone else feeling the same way, I encourage you to read it.

Who else here is experiencing the same cold, snowy winter with their newborn? How have you been handling it? :)