is there such thing as half nesting πŸ˜†

Michelle πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
I'm 35+3 and on my 5th baby. Today I have scrubbed the bathroom, vacuumed the whole down stairs through to the hall way, up the stairs themselves, half heartedly did a bit of the landing carpet (worst carpet ever you literally have to sit on the floor and use the hose only or the bits don't suck up) same deal with my bedroom carpet, then I mopped the whole down stairs (wooden floors) and cleaned the work tops in the kitchen. I'd see things like the fridge door was a tad dirty and think, I really should clean that, I'll do it later when I've done this or that and later never came. I've put a load of laundry on and sat down to have a drink and now I can't seem to find the nesting feeling again lol anyone want to nest but your body says nah! That's enough!