postpartum check up

I finally got my 6 week check up today(at 7 weeks pp). The delay was due to my son having the stomach flu so I had to reschedule and then don't you know the day I was to go I got the flu!  So this was the second rescheduled appointment. Anyway all went fine. She doesn't think I have abdominal separation ( I was worried about it from the first pregnancy). If the bladder leaks don't clear up in a few months she suggests seeing a urologist. But if we aren't done having kiddos then they won't do anything until we are done w that anyway.  And as far as another baby... she suggests waiting a year as the industry recommends but said she won't yell at us if we end up in to see her before then for baby #3 lol.  As far as birth control I told her I will stick to the all natural family planning for now just cause I don't want to chance any supply issues from any other methods or pills.